Introducting Milestone Marketing

Scougall Motors of Alberta, Canada wins $2,000 Milestone Marketing Contest

Scougall Motors Scougall Motors has been a fixture in Fort Macleod, Alberta, Canada since 1925. Established by George Scougall, the family-run business takes pride in being a one-stop-shop for sales and service of all GM vehicles and products — especially the trucks and trailers the local ranchers depend on day in and day out.

Even during hard economic times, Scougall has stayed true to its brand and marketing and, in doing so, has managed to stay the course and come out the other side a stronger company. There’s no greater testimony to this than its most recent milestone: The construction and opening of a spacious showroom. Finished in 2012, the dealership now intends to leverage their new showroom for the real marketing opportunity that it is.

As winners of our $2,000 Milestone Marketing campaign, they’ll be working with their Safeguard distributor to develop materials that invite customers and prospects to celebrate their new showroom while reminding them of their long history and commitment to the area. They’ll also take the opportunity to promote specific products and services such as their warranties, their 150-point inspection service and added-value offers such as winter tire storage.

Congratulations to Scougall Motors for being Safeguard’s $2,000 Milestone Marketing campaign winner! We look forward to helping you celebrate your milestone.