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What Makes Safeguard eChecks Better
  • Save time and money without sacrificing security
  • Gain the flexibility of paying anytime, anywhere – and to anyone
  • Pay less over the long run
Safeguard eChecks
Bank ACH
Online BillPay
Only the Payor is required
to sign up for service
Payor does not need to know the Payee's banking information
Does not require the Payee to have a checking account
Works with accounting software
Remittance data is sent to Payee along with the payment
Can issue multiple payments at the same time (batch run)
Built-in Separation of Controls for payment and approval
Immediate delivery of payment
Open Access Website for Fraud Detection/Prevention
Unlike Other Online Solutions, Anyone Can Send or Receive Safeguard eChecks
Payees aren't required to enroll to receive Safeguard eChecks, so you can send payments to anyone. No other
online payment solution offers that convenience.
Paying with Safeguard eChecks
All you need is your Payee's email address, which means even people without banking accounts can receive eChecks.

Learn more about sending Safeguard eChecks
Receiving Safeguard eChecks
Notifications of eChecks payments arrive in your email with a link to retrieve the eCheck from the eChecks' website. Once there, you'll have the option to sign up for an account or "continue as a guest" and print your check.

Learn more about receiving Safeguard eChecks
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