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Emailable Checks

Safeguard eChecks aren't some new payment method. They're simply regular business checks that you can now send via email. Here's how they work:
Issue check
Receive check
Print check
Cash check

Issue Check

Sender logs in and fills out a check. Only recipient's email is needed for delivery.

Receive Check

Recipient retrieves check from secure, online system.

Print Check

Recipient simply verifies and prints check.

Cash Check

Recipient cashes check at any bank just like a paper check.

Check security is our top concern

Here's why:

  • Over 60 years of security experience is built into each check
  • No banking information is transmitted by email so your account stays safe
  • The check is not attached to the email. Instead it is retrieved via link from your highly secured, online system
  • Recipients and banks can easily verify each check's authenticity
High security check

More benefits to emailing your checks

Cheque icon

Be In Control

Email delivery lets you know the instant your checks are received, printed and cashed.

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Save Time

Send one to thousands of checks in just seconds — up to 70% faster than your current bill-pay method.

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No Subscription Fees

This isn't a service with monthly fees. It's simply a faster, easier way to deliver the checks you're already issuing.

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Full Remittance

Full, free-form remittance data is sent to recipient with payment.

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Access from Anywhere

Pay and receive payments anywhere, from anytime, on your laptop, PC or mobile device.

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Save Money

By eliminating postage, paper and labor, you'll save $1 or more per payment.